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Canadian Blueberry and Cranberry Packer and Worldwide Supplier

  • 120,000 Sq. Foot Packaging Facility, Fully Equipped Processing Plant and Advanced Refrigeration
  • Packaging includes Grading, Labeling and Tractability as per CFIA and FDA Guidelines
  • Capacity to Process 30 Million Pounds of Blueberry Every Season
  • Purchasing Power to Source Ingredients at an Extremely Competitive Cost
  • FDA Approved A+ Facility with All Certification to sell Blueberries Worldwide
  • West Coast Blueberry Farms  Provides the Highest Standard of Quality Without Compromising on Value

Product & Services

Fresh blueberry packaging from early to late varieties in 100% recyclable, rigid and easy to open packaging materials while ensuring long shelf life. We offer custom packing for all companies, just let us know your requirements. Frozen blueberries are available all year round and we ship them globally. 

Fresh Blueberry

We pack early to late varieties of quality fruit  starting mid June to the end of September

Frozen Blueberry

Our advanced IQF technology keeps the aroma and flavor of our blueberries available all year around 

Other Services

We cater to several companies and offer additional services as per our customers request

Fresh Blueberry

  • Four Fresh Blueberry Packaging Line runs at a time.
  • Latest technology and machinery such as auto weight filler, color sorter, soft sorter and more
  • Latest traceability software and supply chain management system
  • In-House employees and trained staff for blueberry packaging 
  • On-Site quality control lab and daily inspection

    Frozen Blueberry

    • IQF Tunnel (individually quick frozen) with a 16,000 lb/hr capacity
    • Blast freezer
    • Pre-cooling belts
    • Soft and color sorters
    • Stored at consistent temperature of  -22 C

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    About Us

     West Coast Blueberry Farms is a vertically integrated agricultural business that is involved in the commercial scale production, sorting, packing and marketing of fresh and frozen blueberries. The majority of our fresh and frozen blueberries are sold in North America, Europe and South Asia. West Coast Blueberry Farms also co-packs various other fruits and vegetables such as mandarin and navel oranges each fall and winter.

    We specialize in providing fresh and frozen berries directly from our farm to your business. Our expert agronomists team works throughout the season with our partners and also coordinates with farmers to advise the best practice in cultivation and harvest and nurture the best crop to the highest standards. 

    Our processing plant is located at the heart of our growing regions of Pitt Meadow, BC. and near to major highway networks and the U.S. Border.

    Not only is operations important in a business but so are the members who contribute to it. Our team ensures production is always functioning while maintaining standard food safety parameters. Our diverse team of individuals believe in teamwork and making sure quality work is completed together. We value each member’s strengths and weaknesses and utilize them to grow our business the best way possible.

    Our mission is to provide best satisfaction and personal experience in industry to all of our employees, growers and customers in terms of growth, food safety and highest quality produce and knowledge at our cost cutting lower margin price

    Our Vision is to be the leading Global agro supply chain provider of processed and fresh fruit and vegetables. Our leadership quality throughout the supply chain from cultivation, harvesting, processing, quality control and packaging to your business plays vital role in our customer satisfaction.

    Our aim is to deliver the highest quality and safest fruit that taste good and satisfy every customer requirements in different continents

    At West Coast Blueberry Farms , we understand food is a serious business where food safety and security are first and foremost priorities. The agro commodities we process meet the highest standards established by the industry.

    WCB Farms’s reputation for quality has been a major driver in the success of the company and its continued growth. Our adherence to the highest standards of kosher certification leads us to be closely associated and involved in every steps of the manufacturing process. This attention to West Coast Blueberry Farms ltd provides an extra level of quality assurance above and beyond our already exacting standards.

    West Coast Blueberry Farms  practice most importance role to Food Safety and strongly believes that continuous R&D is important for achieving excellence. To achieve highest quality standards, it has established a well-equipped Food Testing Laboratory and R&D Unit with round-the-clock in-house lab technicians.

    Every batch of food ingredients dispatched from both the plants are sampled and tested on various physical, chemical & micro-biological parameters(E.coli, Salmonella;seed count, purity, etc.) Apart from in-house testing besides utilization

    West Coast Blueberry Farms facility is a total of 120,000 sq ft.



    The peak growing season for fresh blueberries in Canada is between July and October. However, West Coast Blueberry Farms grown blueberries are available all year round, with growing regions in Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, and Mission

    Interested in Working With Us?

    As the largest blueberry packing and processing company, we are open to discuss any business opportunities with current and prospective customers. We welcome prospective customers to visit our facility to better understand what the quality services they can expect from West Coast Blueberry Farms.


    13753 Hale Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1Z1




    Mon. - Fri.: 9.00AM - 5.00PM


    Our facility is HACCP certified under CFIA and GFSI Primus therefore, we value good farming practices all year round.

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    13753 Hale Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1Z1

    +1 (604) 465-6600



    About Us

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